1. Founding Principles

1. Those who support the Thai World’s objectives may feel free to participate in any of its activities relevant to their areas of interest.
2. The Thai WAC vows to administer its activities with maximum efficiency and flexibility.
3. The Thai WAC tries its best to screen qualified members for appropriate positions and activities based on capability, integrity, human relations, and sacrificial spirit.
4. All responsible cadres may be changed and existing positions may be dropped/added whenever necessary to make its organization more efficient and relevant to changing conditions.
5. The Thai WAC is an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit organization. Funds for its administration and program operations are from public donations.

2. Board of Advisors (Founders and Financial Contributors)

1 Kasem Suwanagul 2 Khien Theeravit
3 Chalerm Prachuabmoh (deceased) 4 Chaowalee Pongpatirochana
5 Dhavee Choosup 6 Brudhisan Jumbala
7 Ninnat Olanworavuth 8 Withaya Sucharithanarugse
9 Paisal Suriyawongpaisal 10 Akorn Hoontrakul (deceased)
11 Somkiat Onwimon 12 Amphon Namatra
13 Owart Suthiwat-Narueput 14 Jacques Amyot
15 Umphon Phanachet (deceased) 16 M. Rajaretnam
17 Ho Kwon Ping 18 South-East Insurance Co.,Ltd.
19 William Klausner 20 Kosit Panpiemras
21 Jingjai Hanchanlash 22 Sorasin Viraphol
23 Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University 24 Thai Dhanu Bank Ltd.
25 The Ford Foundation 26 Esso Standard Thailand Co.,Ltd.
27 Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited 28 The JHW Thompson Foundation
29 The Development Cooperation Foundation 30 Charoen Pokphan Group Co.,Ltd.

A. The founders are international minded individuals who are recognized worldwide by the intellectual community for their expertise. They value cooperation and the exchange of ideas and expertise and wish to promote a world society in which peoples of all origins can live together peacefully. Moreover, they are happy to devote their time and energy to promote a better understanding among the peoples and nations of the world, as stated in the Project Objectives.
B. The individual advisors render their service to the administrators of the Thai World Affairs Center upon requests, or by their own initiatives. Collectively, they meet once or twice a year to check and scrutinize the Annual Report, to approve the Annual Work Plan and Budget, and to share their thoughts on setting policy directions, guidelines, objectives, and strategies. Some devote themselves to overseeing and supervising the financial administration. And others help raise funds.

3. Executive Committee (also serves as Editorial Board of the Thai WAC Homepage) 2004-2005

1 Kanokphan Usha 2 Khien Theeravit
3 Chaiwat Khamchoo 4 Dollaya Tiantong
5 Thitinan Pongsudhirak 6 Saikaew Tipakorn
7 Thanes Kongprasert 8 Prathoomporn Vajarasthira
9 Prayad Hongthongkam 10 Brudhisan Jumbala
11 Paisal Suriyawongpaisal 12 Suthy Prasartset
13 Somkiat Onwimon 14 Soravis Jayanama
15 Charunee Lucktong 16 Sanond Homsuwan
17 Piyanart Bunnag 18 Srawut Arii
19 Surat Horachaikul 20 Sopit Wangwiwatana
21 Vorasakdi Mahatdhnobol  

A. The committee consists of old and new supporters of this project. They have diverse expertise and come from different institutions and professions, including two retired professors, but most are from the younger generation. They constitute the action-oriented personnel of the project.
B. All Executive Committee members have specific assignments in accordance with their expertise. With the exceptions of Charunee Lucktong and Sanond Homsuwan who are Secretary and Webmaster, respectively, all members are assigned to write articles on matters concerning their areas of specialization. Some may have additional responsibility, i.e. Khien Theeravit, Chairman of the Executive Committee, is Director of the Center; Soravis Jayanama is Editor of the English Homepage; Thanes Kongprasert is Editor of the Thai Homepage. They are also expected to help draft, or scrutinize the Annual Work Plan and the Annual Report for submission to the Board of Advisors for approval. Moreover, they meet occasionally to consult on problems relating to their work.

4. Organization Structure
see Organization Chart ...click here...

NB: Administrators Brief Biodata

1. Director (2004-2005). Khien Theeravit : Ph.D. in Political Science, earned senior professorship when taught at the Faculty of Political Science (1961-1996) and Professor Emeritus after retirement from Chulalongkorn University, nationally recognized as the leading founder of the Institute of Asian Studies at Chulalongkorn University where he served as Director in 1980, 1983, 1984-1991, appointed (by a national convention of 3000 national elites) member of National Assembly (1974), Prime Minister’s Foreign Policy Advisor (1980), selected member of Constitution Drafting Assembly (1997), etc.

Prof. Khien received awards as “Thailand’s most distinguished research scholar in Political Science and Public Administration” by Thailand’s National Research Council (1985), “most outstanding academic” by Chulalongkorn University Political Science Association (1986), and TRF Senior Research Scholar in Political Science and Public Administration” by the Thailand Research Fund, Prime Minister Office (1995). His recent publications are : China’s Foreign Policy (in Thai 1998, in Chinese 2001), Vietnam: History, Economy, Politics, Security, and Foreign Relations (in Thai 1999, in Vietnamese 2002) Cambodia: History, Economy, Politics, Security, and Foreign Relations (in Thai 1998, in Khmer 2002). Thai-Lao Relations in Laotian Perspective (in Thai 2001, in English 2002).

2. Secretary (2004-2005). Charunee Lucktong: MBA, research and academic affairs coordinator of the Institute of Asian Studies, and former Acting Secretary of the Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University (1995-2000))

3. Head of Financial Section. Chaowalee Pongpatirochana, M.A. in Commerce and Accountancy, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy of Chulalongkorn University (1960-1995), Chulalongkorn University Comptroller (1976-1988), and Financial Advisor to the Academic Services Center of Chulalongkorn University from 1996 to present.

4. Head of Public Relations Section. Somkiat Onwimon, Ph.D. in South Asian Studies, leading innovator of television newscast, award winner of many television programs that promote a better understanding of the peoples and nations of the world and the conservation of natural resources and the environment, member of Constitution Drafting Assembly (1997), and Senator (2001-2005).

5. Head of Seminar Section. Prathoomporn Vajarasthira, M.A. in International Relations, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University, former Vice President in charge of international affairs of Chulalongkorn University, author of many books and articles on international relations, and award winner of two political fictions.

6. Head of Information Dissemination Section. Paisal Suriyawongpaisal, writer and thinker in Asian philosophies and management know-how, and Advisor to the Governor of Petroleum Authority of Thailand. Reviewer of management books for “Book World Program” on Radio FM 100.5, special lecturer of many training programs and higher learning institutions, Public Relations Department Head of Esso Standard Thailand Co. Ltd. (1974-1984), writer of books such as Thinking@Asian. (2002), Thinking@Asian.2 (2003) and Divergent Thinkings: From Harvard’s Case Studies (2004).

5. A voluntary working committee

At present Thai World Affairs Center is managed by a voluntary working committee as the following details:
Name Responsibility
1. Thanes Kongprasert Editor for Thai articles
2. Soravis Jayanama Editor for English articles
3. Khien Theeravit Writer of article, news, and etc.
4. Theera Nuchpiam Writer of article, news, and etc.
5. Kanokphan Usha Writer of article, news, and etc.
6. Saikaew Thipakorn Writer of article, news, and etc.
7. Dollaya Tianthong Writer of article, news, and etc.
8. Supaphan Tangtrongpairoj Writer of article, news, and etc.
9. Charunee Lucktong Secretary
10. Jirapa Sukruensuwan Secretarial staff
11. Jintana Ridhisaen Data processing staff
12. Surapol Chumchoojan Fiancial staff
13. Sanond Homsuwan Webmaster

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